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ARK-Genomics has merged with The GenePool to form "Edinburgh Genomics". 

Edinburgh Genomics is an academic facility offering access to the latest next-generation sequencing, microarray, genotyping and bioinformatics technologies.  Please take a look at our new website:

ARK-Genomics is a high-throughput technology laboratory focused on studies of genome structure and genetic variation, gene expression and gene function.

The ARK Genomics team of experienced research scientists offer a range of bespoke services using various technologies. They can work with you to take your project from the initial stages of a grant application, experimental design and technology selection, performing wet laboratory protocols, through to the final analysis of complex data. ARK-Genomics resources are available for experimental use as part of a collaborative project with ARK-Genomics or for use in your own laboratory.

The ARK-Genomics laboratory has close links with commercial partners and supports more than 1000 scientists from the UK and abroad, applying the latest technologies and approaches to all species from microbes to humans.

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ARK-Genomics has merged with The GenePool to form "Edinburgh Genomics".