Access to Research & Facilities

Potential Collaborations

ARK-Genomics resources are available for experimental use as part of a collaborative project with ARK-Genomics or for in your own laboratory. Any interested groups or individuals are encouraged to register with ARK-Genomics and contact us with details of their proposed work. Any groups or individuals who are interested in accessing ARK-Genomics resources should complete the enquiry form to enable ARK-Genomics to provide experimental design advice (ARK-Genomics can provide assistance as early as pilot project application stage by providing advice on experimental design, costings etc.) Projects will be carried out as a collaborative venture with ARK-Genomics. In general, all biological resources submitted to ARK-Genomics, as generated by projects, will be made freely available to all users (in line with BBSRC policy). Collaborators should undertake to publish experimental results as soon as possible. Exceptions to these rules can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis with full agreement of the Steering Group.

Order Clones & Vectors

For ordering clones and vectors from ARK-Genomics extensive resources, a signed Material Distribution Agreement is required before material can be dispatched (required for initial orders, subsequent orders are covered by agreement). Further Information and the MDAs can be found here (LogIn required).

Further Techniques available

DNA Preparation DNA Quantitation DNA library management For above techniques, please enquire. If there are different techniques you would like to explore, please enquire.