Equipment and Techniques

ARK-Genomics operates a state-of-the-art facility with cutting-edge capabilities. Listed below is a selection of the equipment that we currently operate. If you have a specific need and the tool that you wish to use is not listed below then please contact us to see if we have the capability that you require.

Major Equipment

Illumina® HiSeq 2000
Next generation DNA sequencer
Affymetrix™ GeneTitan
High-throughput array system for genotyping and expression arrays
Illumina® BeadXpress
SNP genotyping and Gene expression
Illumina® iScan
High-resolution array scanner and sequencer

ARK-Genomics equipment list

ABI 3730XL
DNA analyser: DNA sequencing, genotyping
3000 7G Scanner, Fluidics stations: Gene expression and genotyping microarrays
Agilent 2100 Bioanalyser
RNA quality assessment
Arrayjet AJ120
microarray printer
Axon 4200AL scanner
microarray scanner
BioPick (Genomic Solutions)
clone picking
Caliper Sciclone ALH3000
96 head liquid handling robot
FluoroSkan (Thermo LifeSciences)
fluorescent plate scanner fluorimeter and absorbance plate reader
G3 Autoloader (Genomic Solutions)
clone picking and library management
BioMicro Maui
Microarray slide hybridisation (12 place)
gDNA purification system
Multiprobe II (Perkin Elmer)
liquid handling robot
Promega Maxwell® 16
DNA preparation
Perkin Elmer Victor II
fluorescent plate reader