Role of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of at least seven members. The Chairman and one other will be nominated by the BBSRC. The remaining members will be from the relevant academic and industrial communities, from institutions not represented in the project team. Grant holders will act as ex-officio members.

  1. The Steering Committee will:
    1. Monitor progress of the project and submit an annual report to the BBSRC.
    2. Establish standards and procedures for:
      1. Quality control for resources/protocols.
      2. Allocation of access to ARK-Genomics.
      3. Dissemination of results.
      4. Protection and exploitation of results for the benefit of the UK.
      5. Communication and training of the User Community.
    1. Advise the Principal Investigators on any aspects of the implementation and development of the programme, as appropriate.
  1. There will be two physical meetings per year, with the remaining business conducted electronically.

Members of the Steering Committee

The steering committee membership is currently under review.