Publication Guidelines

Publication, data sharing, authorships
Researchers who use the resources and capabilities of ARK-Genomics are expected to publish the resulting data in a timely manner. ARK-Genomics enjoys underpinning financial support from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and other funding bodies. Thus, researchers who use ARK-Genomics are encouraged to share their data with the scientific community in compliance with the BBSRC data sharing policy. Details of publications, presentations and other outputs that have arisen, wholly or in part from the use of ARK-Genomics resources or facilities should be reported to ARK-Genomics in order that the outputs can be reported to BBSRC and other sponsors and thus justify the continuing underpinning financial support.

Recognition of ARK-Genomics contributions to publications

If two or more of the following criteria are satisfied, specified members of the ARK-Genomics team (which includes the Director of the facility) should normally be included as co-authors of any publication:
  • Initial intellectual idea or contribution to ideas.
  • Involvement with the design and construction of the resource used (e.g. microarray, SNP assays, SNP-chips, ..), where the paper describes the design, development or first use of the resource.
  • Help (including discussion) with experimental design and set-up.
  • Performing some of the experimental work, where this includes development and/or training of the researchers. [Execution of standard experimental procedures would normally be recognised by an acknowledgement.]
  • Performing some of the data analysis, including training of the researchers.
  • Contribution to interpretation of results.
  • Contribution to writing or editing the paper.

Content of these guidelines on publication, data sharing and authorship were approved by the ARK-Genomics Steering Committee, September 2007.


ARK-Genomics Publications

A detailed list of ARK-Genomics publications is available online, covering those where ARK-Genomics staff are included as collaborating authors, those where ARK-Genomics are acknowledged, meeting abstracts, conference proceedings, books and more.

ARK-Genomics Entries From PubMed

  • OligoRAP - an Oligo Re-Annotation Pipeline to improve annotation and estimate target specificity.
  • Comparison of three microarray probe annotation pipelines: differences in strategies and their effect on downstream analysis.
  • Development and validation of a bovine macrophage specific cDNA microarray.
  • Development of a chicken 5 K microarray targeted towards immune function.