Query Meta4 database

Meta4 allows users to query metagenomic datasets using a simple web interface.  For more details, see:

  1. Richardson EJ, Escalettes F, Fotheringham I, Wallace RJ, Watson M. (2013) Meta4: a
    web application for sharing and annotating metagenomic gene predictions using web
    services. Front Genet. 4:168.

Here we present data from 8 cattle selected for high and low methane emissions, from Wallace et al 2015

Users can query predicted genes/proteins based on their Pfam domains (Accession; Name; Description) and minimum and maximum length gene length (Min Length; Max Length).  By default, the first 100 records will be returned.  Please alter "Max Results" to change this (set it to 0 to return everything).

As an example, enter Glyco_hydro into the Name field and click Submit

SampleAssemblyAccessionNameDescriptionMin LengthMax LengthMax Results